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A diet by any other name

Posted on: 2010-04-27

Tomorrow I start a new diet. No! Let’s not use the D-word, but call it a “healthy eating plan for life” – doesn’t that sound better?

From tomorrow my chocolate will be gone, the occasional pastry will be banned and chips will be quite out of the question, which leaves one day for a last hurrah. Today is my chance to scoff as much as I can before it is forbidden. So casual calls to my beloved of “I’m going to the shop, do you want anything?” should be interpreted as “I’m off to stockpile chocolate, do you dare stop me?” Fortunately the answer was “no dear”.

I finished off the last Dorito crisps that were hanging around. I tidied up humous from the fridge. I even dug my spoon into my father-in-law’s delightfully chewy honey, all crystalline deliciously playing over my tongue. Aren’t I helpful, clearing the fridge for the week ahead?

Then for my spoils from the corner shop – I had only intended to buy Minstrels but spotted a bar of Cookie Crumble Galaxy, something I’d never seen before and surely had to try! Unfortunately it disappointed with the excessive saltiness of commercial biscuits and none of the chocolate smoothness that I’d expected. Never mind, there were still a packet of Minstrels which I would suck, chew and linger over, before soon they too had disappeared…

So anyway, back to the diet!

It’s based on a booklet called “So you want to lose weight… for good”. It’s published by the British Heart Foundation (and is a million miles away from the spurious and unaccredited three day fad diet mendaciously named after the charity).

The principle is that this is not a quick fix “diet” but a “weight loss plan for life”. The plan suggests how much of each food group you should eat each day and explains clearly what amounts to a portion of each – so I can analyse main meals that I enjoy, work out how they fit into the plan, and then structure the rest of my food and drink intake for each day to fit the nutritional “gaps” I have available. Hopefully I will still feel fulfilled by continuing with the regular tasty dinners that I share with my husband each evening.

Wow, this sounds like a diet – sorry, I mean weight loss plan – which could actually work for me. Better still, it could pander to my controlling nature by letting me work out how our favourite grub can still be eaten, strictly scheduling other meals and snacks around that. This sounds ideal; a programme that is realistic and achievable. I just need to find something else to do when hunger rumbles and I would normally reach for a snack – perhaps mini packets of raisins or simply telling myself to do 50 sit-ups each time I feel the pang?

I can’t wait to lose weight, to be thinner and healthier. But before we start, I will just polish off the remaining gin and tonic… well, I wouldn’t want to leave temptation lying around, would I?


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