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It’s Pylon week!

Posted on: 2015-04-23

Some of you may be aware of my sideline as founder of the Pylon Appreciation Society. This week, electricity pylons have been in the national news as the new T-Pylon design was unveiled in Nottinghamshire.

As a pylonophile (?) I have been asked for my opinion, leading to a hectic few days, and more than ten live interviews across BBC radio stations.

I also had the opportunity to contribute to some print articles, and you may enjoy Meet the Pylon Spotters, a BBC feature article which included an interview with me, as well as These new electricity pylons will make Britain a duller place which I wrote for Guardian Comment Is Free. I’d particularly welcome comments on the Guardian piece as it was my first for CiF and I am naturally proud of it.

While electricity pylons may not inspire everyone, the Pylon Appreciation Society, which I’ve run for over a decade, has more than 600 members, of all ages and backgrounds. If you’d like to join us, be it as someone who enjoys a casual glance and a quick photograph, or a techie who seeks to understand the engineering structures in more detail, you would of course be more than welcome.

It has been a very busy few days, and I’m glad for the chance to share my passion more widely.


4 Responses to "It’s Pylon week!"

please can you email me back regarding a pylon appreciation pack I am waiting for I really want it in time for fathers day – sorry to have had to comment on your page but have had no luck contacting you via email

Hi Sandra, thanks for getting in touch and I sincerely apologise for any delay. There was a back up due to the sudden interest when my articles were featured in the Times and the Guardian but packs are back in stock now and have been sent out. They are now back on schedule.

If it isn’t with you in the next day or two, please send a text message to 07939 579090 (this will get my attention even if my email doesn’t refresh) and I’ll chase it up and sort it out. This applies to anyone else reading, if they think their delivery is late or mislaid. All our members are appreciated and it will be chased up asap.

And, thanks so much for your purchase! I hope it is enjoyed.

Thank you so much for getting back to me. My father worked in the industry all is life and now at 88 I think it’s time he joined ! I hope he finds some old friends through it. Thank you Sandra

Hi – Pack still not arrived and father’s day on Sunday. Can you please chase up for me. I will try mobile number you gave me later and send a text too thank you Sandra

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